Launching Pad - a seminar for college students and young adults given by Strengths Savvy

In addition to Strengths sessions targeted to college and high school students based on Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment, Strengths Savvy also offers students and recent graduates one-on-one coaching sessions. 


Coaching for the graduate...

Makes a perfect graduation gift for recent or soon-to-be graduates of high school or college. Strengths coaching during this phase of life helps young adults see where their natural talents lie. Statistically, people who choose careers in line with their natural abilities report greater contentment and achievement.  Through individualized coaching, we help these young adults identify what feeds their energy, what drains their energy, what their "watch outs" might be, and things to consider when choosing a major or a career path.  Some examples might include a tendency to appreciate: teamwork over solitude (or vice versa), a tendency to enjoy a collaborative vs. a competitive environment, whether routine is soothing or maddening, etc.


  The Graduate Coaching Process:

  • Students take the CliftonStrengths assessment through Gallup's site to reveal their talents;

  • We are forwarded the results, and have them complete a quesionnaire;

  • We meet with them and discuss the results of the assessment and help them to connect with these talents, and discuss where they currently show up in their lives and how to best capitalize on them;

  • We determine and discuss the "Dominant Domains," that is, whether the young adult trends toward behaviors which are: executional, influential, relationship building or strategic thinking; 

  • We explore how these talents and tendencies can be applied to various fields of study or employment, and offer suggestions based on their results as well as their likes and interests;

  • As a follow-up, we provide a bound booklet on the results of the coaching, including discussion highlights, how to use the top talents productively, and in addition, how to compensate for lesser talents.  We include the Gallup results for continued reference;  

  • Finally, we can have a wrap-up conversation with the graduate and parent(s) to determine how the parents can optimally support the graduate in using their talents in a positive and beneficial way.  


The Result:

A deeper understanding of what the graduate naturally does best! 

Armed with this information, young adults can make the best decisions about their future path and set themselves up for greater success and happiness. 



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