Valerie Menzel - Gallup trained strengths coach and Principal at Strengths Savvy

Valerie is a Gallup-trained Strengths Coach as well as a corporate team leader and developer of people. Her specialties include: Team-Building Seminars, One-on-One Coaching and Customized Interpersonal Strengths Sessions.

Valerie’s work experience includes hosting and producing television shows, public speaking, voiceover work, managing outreach for one of the nation’s most respected nonprofits and 15 years of producing photo shoots and managing the Creative Planning department of a Fortune 500 cosmetics company. She has successfully managed 19 moves in seven states and three career changes, which has given her a unique understanding of the issues facing families and individuals who are starting over. Skilled at learning to adapt, she often coaches people who are looking to reinvent themselves. 


Valerie graduated Summa Cum Laude from James Madison University with degrees in Communications and Theatre. In addition to Strengths coaching, she serves on the Living Your Strengths Advisory Board and volunteers at the largest Catholic Church in the country as the on-camera host of MATTtV, a lector and the Co-Chair of Moving On After Moving In, a nationwide support group that helps women in transition.

Valerie’s Top Five Talent Themes are:

Maximizer, Empathy, Harmony, Developer, Achiever


CONTACT VALERIE:              


               Phone:                 862.668.1707