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"Strengths Savvy came to our office and the experience was life-changing for everyone in attendance!" 

People love our workshops!

We help people discover their strengths, 
leading to more collaborative and productive teams.  

Our clients' employees are more engaged, inspired and happy!

Annual Live "Got Direction" Workshop Coming to Charlotte, NC, Sunday, November 13, 2022!

Leveraging Strengths—Achieving Results

We are all at our very best when we are using our unique talents and living our Strengths. 


But how do we get there? We have a unique and inspirational way of teaching people to turn what's good into something GREAT!


Strengths Savvy is a company that provides Strengths-based workshops and coaching services to businesses, students, families and individuals. Our workshops and coaching sessions revolve around the CliftonStrengths assessment developed by the Gallup organization—pioneers in employee engagement and Strengths-based development.

Strengths psychology is a powerful concept that focuses on individual talents, abilities, and potential instead of examining weaknesses, problems, and deficits. Its widespread application improves organizations, company cultures, families, and individual lives.

A copy of the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 used by Strengths Savvy

Over 90% of Fortune 500 Companies use  CliftonStrengths to inspire their teams with  Strengths-based development.

About Us

Strengths Savvy is based in Charlotte and Atlanta and is founded by Leanne Burnett and Valerie Menzel, both Gallup-trained Strengths Coaches.


Using the CliftonStrengths assessment tool,

Strengths Savvy can work with your team to deliver

a deep understanding of Strengths and to help each individual recognize and utilize their own Strengths and leverage the Strengths of their colleagues.

Leanne Burnett and Valerie Menzel of Strengths Savvy.jpg

Strengths Savvy Principals

Leanne Burnett & Valerie Menzel

Amy Zambetti of Strengths Savvy.jpg

Meet Amy Zambetti

Our new Texas Affiliate

Workshops Designed to Maximize Potential


We visit your company or offsite 

to deliver a high-energy workshop developed for your group that highlights individual Strengths, maximizes team dynamics and

results in improved engagement, communication and productivity!

And it's SUPER fun!

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Supercharge Your Strengths
The Ladies' Room

We love our men... 

but every so often, we like to 

duck into the Ladies’ Room and talk about what makes YOU amazing!  

We'll create a Ladies’ Room Strengths workshop designed specifically for your unique group of women!

Let’s dish soon!

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Got Direction

Crush career path confusion

with Strengths!  

False starts in college can be costly.

A deep dive into CliftonStrengths

can provide important clues to choosing a path that aligns with your natural talents, likes and Strengths!

Start on the right path!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

woman in. awe.png

“It was eye opening to understand the way I’m wired, and how it affects my everyday life.” 

ethnic women smiling during workshop.png

"Fantastic session. I believe it's very important to understand our Strengths and lean on each others' stronger attributes to meet our goals."

people winning award.png

"I really enjoyed the group activities. It was fun to see the different sides of my colleagues."

The Steps to Success

Your Goals
Your Session
Your Team
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