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large team participating in a Strengths Savvy team building workshop


People Love Our Workshops!

As Gallup-trained Strengths Coaches, we’ve seen CliftonStrengths transform lives, institutions and organizations. Our workshops are designed to help people recognize what makes them and others unique and powerful; how their Strengths show up in their work and lives; and how to use that knowledge to maximize their innate abilities and value the Strengths of others. With over 10 years of experience in Strengths psychology, we work with you to develop a session that will delight and enliven your team, leadership, family, student, or group. 

Our workshops:

1.   Build off of the CliftonStrengths assessments of the participants, and help them to understand what they mean and why they matter;

2.  Contain customizable elements so we can partner with the leadership to help inspire the team so they can better tackle their objectives;

3.  Provide participants with a common Strengths vernacular that will be useful to move forward in positive ways; 

4.  Are flexible for in-person or remote sessions as we navigate a changing world;

5.  Help people bond and reconnect after being separated for too long;

6.  Are filled with laughter and fun, as we help each team member see "what's STRONG with" themselves and their colleagues!

Supercharge Your Strengths

This uplifting, insightful and interactive team building workshop tends to last 3-4 hours and can be delivered in-house, at an offsite meeting or over Zoom. The participants take the CliftonStrengths assessment ahead of time, take part in group activities during the session, and gain an increased appreciation of their Strengths and the Strengths of their colleagues. Learn More

The Ladies' Room

Women bond in a special way and this motivational workshop is specifically made for some quality girl time! It is geared towards empowering women to utilize their Strengths as they navigate careers, start new businesses, take next steps into their empty nest/chapter two, or just want to have some fun learning and playing with Strengths! Let us join your next gathering and design a Strengths workshop to inspire your women's group! Learn More

Got Direction

Many young people find it challenging to choose their career path. We help students understand their CliftonStrengths results and use that knowledge as they consider potential career options. Students learn how to determine how their gifts and talents align with choices they are considering, and how to ask deeper questions and interpret the results. When students apply Strengths during this critical time in their lives, the results are transformational! Learn More

Customize Your Session

Does your team have the blahs? Or is there a specific issue at work in your organization that you're looking to address?

We can work with you to customize a workshop that will zero in on the pain points, and lift up the team's energy and engagement so you can tackle your goals and have fun getting there!

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