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Valerie Menzel and Leanne Burnett Gallup trained CliftonStrengths coaches

About Us

What Makes Us Savvy

Strengths Savvy is a Charlotte-based business founded by Leanne Burnett and Valerie Menzel, both Gallup-trained Strengths Coaches, who have coached hundreds of people, using the CliftonStrengths assessment tool. Strengths Savvy can work with your team to help each individual to recognize and utilize their own Strengths and leverage the Strengths of their colleagues.

Leanne Burnett - Gallup trained strengths coach and Principal at Strengths Savvy

Leanne’s Strengths
Maximizer, Strategic,
Positivity, Ideation and
WOO (Winning Others Over)

LEANNE BURNETT is a Principal for Strengths Savvy, and a Gallup-trained Strengths Coach who helps teams, organizations, and individuals recognize and embrace their Strengths and develop them into greatness! She coaches individuals including C-Suite Executives, business owners, as well as individuals seeking career enhancement and higher-level positions. She also coaches students determining their life’s path and co-leads and facilitates the Living Your Strengths ministry at the largest Catholic parish in the country.


Leanne also serves as a Human Resources Consultant in the biopharmaceutical industry, for a company developing a novel pharmaceutical product. She formerly served as Head of Human Resources for a pharmaceutical company in Charlotte, and was the Head of Human Resources for a financial services firm in Chicago.

Leanne is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame where she studied Accounting and Philosophy. In addition to her Gallup training, Leanne trained with Coaches Training Institute.

Specialties include Teambuilding Workshops, Public Speaking, Executive Coaching, One-on-One Career Coaching, Personal Life Coaching, Employee Engagement, Recruitment, and Leveraging Strengths for Conflict Resolution.

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VALERIE MENZEL is a Principal for Strengths Savvy, a Gallup-trained Strengths Coach as well as a corporate team leader and developer of people. In addition to Strengths coaching, Valerie co-leads the Living Your Strengths program in the largest Catholic parish in the country. There, she also serves as the on-camera host of MATTtV, a Lector and the Co-Chair of Moving On After Moving In, a nationwide support group that helps women in transition. She has successfully managed 18 moves in seven states and three career changes. Skilled at learning to adapt, she often coaches people who are looking to reinvent themselves.


Valerie’s work experience includes hosting and producing television shows, public speaking, voiceover work, managing outreach for one of the nation’s most respected nonprofits and 15 years of producing photo shoots and managing the Creative Planning department of a Fortune 500 cosmetics company.


Valerie graduated Summa Cum Laude from James Madison University with degrees in Communications and Theatre.

Specialties include Teambuilding Workshops, Public Speaking, One-on-One Coaching, Women Returning to the Workplace and Customized Family Strengths Sessions.

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Valerie Menzel - Gallup trained strengths coach and Principal at Strengths Savvy

Valerie’s Strengths
Maximizer, Empathy,
Harmony, Developer and Achiever
Amy Zambetti - Gallup certified coach

Amy’s Strengths
Learner, Discipline,
Maximizer, Arranger and Relator

AMY ZAMBETTI is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and an Affiliate of Strengths Savvy, LLC. Amy is also the founder of Aimers Workshop, LLC ( which offers personal strength-based coaching, and supports others in their development of confidence and clarity by recognizing and leveraging their unique talents. She has managed 12 relocations for her family, both domestically and internationally, and has a special affinity for helping women transition back into the workforce. Amy is also the founder and leader of the Living Your Strengths program at St. John Neumann Catholic Church, Austin TX.


Amy’s early work experience was in international logistics and finance. Then she followed her entrepreneurial instincts and spent several years launching and growing a global prestige skincare business. Through that business, she supported hundreds of entrepreneurs in their own successful business startups. 

Amy graduated Cum Laude from Sweet Briar College with majors in Spanish and Economics. She is an All-American Lacrosse player, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and earned her Masters of International Management degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. 

Specialties include Teambuilding Workshops, Public Speaking, One-on-One Coaching, Women Returning to the Workplace, and Customized Interpersonal Strengths Sessions.

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