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Strengths Savvy at DeW Retreat

The Ladies' Room

Welcome to the Ladies' Room

The Ladies' Room workshops are by women, for women, and will be designed to suit the unique needs of your group! Whether your women's group has a specific mission, are entrepreneurs or just a group at a crossroads in life--looking for purpose---let us help to guide you there with Strengths! 

We have worked with women's groups who:

  • Are on a leadership track at a specific company;

  • Are networking with other women to accelerate their careers;

  • Are part of a Mastermind group;

  • Are gathered together at a women's conference;

  • Are part of a book or newcomers club, ministry group, or merely a collection of friends seeking to discover "what's next for me?"

Invite Strengths Savvy to inspire your Ladies' Room!
large women's group participating in a Strengths Savvy workshop
large team participating in a Strengths Savvy team building workshop
Vision Work...

Do you live in reaction to circumstances, or do you live with intention? Those who set S.M.A.R.T goals are more likely to move forward in life with purpose.

We can facilitate a Ladies' Room Workshop, utilizing the CliftonStrengths assessment, and help motivate your group to take stock of their unique talents. Women take a fresh look at their patterns of behavior, work individually and with others to conceive of a positive vision for this new life direction, connect with accountability partners, and take concrete steps to get there. 

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