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Coaching Services

Coaching to Maximize Potential

Is it time to take a targeted step to maximize potential for yourself or for your team? Of course it is! Coaching can create clarity, and help you to find purpose and passion in all you do. All of our coaching services are based on the CliftonStrengths assessment, which focuses and directs you to advance in the direction of those ways you naturally think, feel and behave.

Coaching is shown to have a powerful, positive impact on self-confidence and resilience. It also promotes self-awareness, and positively impacts communication, collaboration, work performance and mental health. Coaching can empower you to find your own answers and use coaching tools to set goals, determine direction, and create positive momentum. It is extraordinarily empowering. 

What are you waiting for?

One-on-One Coaching

Valerie Menzel, Leanne Burnett and Amy Zambetti are Coaches with vast experience in interpreting the results of the CliftonStrengths assessment and helping individuals to use their talents in developing and achieving their goals. Prior to or following a Strengths Savvy seminar, our Coaches can meet one-on-one with individuals or smaller teams for directed coaching regarding understanding the CliftonStrengths results more completely, using Strengths theory on the job, or any other area of life. Please reach out to Valerie or Leanne for pricing and availability.

One on One Coaching

​Executive Coaching

Leanne Burnett is an experienced Executive Coach and her skill set can be valuable to current executives or those seeking executive roles. With her many years of experience as the Head of Human Resources for various companies, Leanne has a deep understanding of the human, as well as the business aspects of organizations. She has assisted executives who are seeking ways to get the best from their direct reports, work effectively with their boards, and manage their various pressures. She has also worked with executives seeking to determine the best vision and direction for their organization. In addition, she has helped those seeking C-Suite ranks to authentically build their executive brand and to effectively leverage their unique talents to create impact. In her coaching, Leanne utilizes the results of the CliftonStrengths assessment so the individual is constantly aware of how to use the ways they naturally think, feel and behave, to develop and achieve their leadership goals.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for the Graduate

Makes a perfect graduation gift for recent or soon-to-be graduates of high school or college. Strengths coaching during this phase of life helps young adults see where their natural talents lie. Statistically, people who choose careers in line with their natural abilities achieve greater levels of happiness and success!  Through individualized coaching, we help these young adults identify what feeds their energy, what drains their energy, what their "watchouts" might be, and things to consider when choosing a major or a career path.  Some examples might include a tendency to appreciate: teamwork over being an individual contributor (or vice versa), a tendency to enjoy a collaborative vs. a competitive environment, whether the routine is soothing or maddening...and so much more! 

Coaching the Grad

Career Coaching

Leanne Burnett and Valerie Menzel can assist individuals to help chart their career path. The coach will help the client to determine how they can best use their talents, possibly even a different or “tweaked” role with a current employer, and help the client to create a positive vision for their path ahead. Leanne and Valerie can also help with affirmative action-oriented steps to take to get there. Makes a terrific gift for someone who is struggling with career issues!

Career Coaching

Resume Writing & Job Search Coaching

Leveraging her many years as Head of Human Resources for various businesses, Leanne Burnett assists individuals in their career search in a number of tangible ways. She is an expert at résumé preparation, and utilizing the CliftonStrengths assessment results, and can assist clients with packaging their background in a way to showcase their unique talents and abilities. She can also assist with job search strategy, as well as on an ongoing basis with coaching regarding interview preparation through negotiating offers and acceptance of a new role. Contact Leanne Burnett with questions and for pricing for her résumé writing and job-search strategy services.

Resume Writing
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