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Got Direction?

Got Direction?

This workshop is focused on soon-to-be graduates or recent graduates of

high school or college.

High school and/or college-aged students are often overwhelmed as they

try to chart their college journey. How can teens/young adults know what

to major in or what to do with their lives? With rising college costs,

informed decisions can help avoid false starts.

Many adults we coach wish they had understood their Strengths earlier, as

it would have changed their trajectory in life. They say they would have made

better decisions and pursued different paths. Helping teens and young

adults understand their Strengths is an incredible gift and will help them to

feel confident in their choices as they chart their paths.

When your career lines up with your innate talents,

WORK is no longer a four-letter word!

 The Got Direction Workshop

Students take the CliftonStrengths assessment through Gallup's site to reveal their talents; we help students to understand their results and how to keep in mind the many findings as they consider career possibilities;

We help students learn to contemplate their natural tendencies, and connect those to the qualities of certain careers that play to the various Strengths, as well as "watchouts" or aspects of careers which might best be avoided based on their results;

We provide methodology and materials for making sound career choices, and also role play the practice of conducting informational interviews for discussing choices with adults in careers they may be targeting--this also serves to open doors!

We help students identify their dominant domain--in other words whether they lead by Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building or Thinking--and direct them toward career choices which are in keeping with these skills and play to their Strengths;


We explore the "Big Six Collegiate Experiences" as developed by the Gallup organization in their research about what matters in their college journey that will set students up for later career success;


The workshop does NOT tell you what exactly to be! Rather, it arms you with information and materials for your discernment process so you can have confidence in making this very important decision on aligning your career pursuits with your natural Strengths!

Strengths Savvy Got Direction workshop in progress

 And the Result is...

A deeper understanding of what the graduate naturally does best!  Armed with this information, young adults can make more targeted college choices, narrow their focus and make the best decisions about their future path--setting themselves up for greater success and happiness!

In addition to our Got Direction? workshop, Strengths Savvy also offers students and recent graduates one-on-one coaching sessions. See the Coaching Services page for further details.

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