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Why We Do What We Do...

"Many thanks for the best development session I've ever attended!"

large team attending Strengths Savvy workshop.jpg

"This was the best feedback our company has gotten on a training workshop in 28 years!"

Leanne Burnett and Valerie Menzel on stage in Vegas.jpeg

​"The combination of your personalities and presentation styles really fit well together.

You are both wonderful speakers!

Kept the group very engaged."

Strengths Savvy workshop.jpg

"Excellent! Amazing how spot on this is!"

"I've never seen my department laugh so much and be so engaged!"

"Totally phenomenal! I loved the activities...

great learning and very beneficial."

"The workshop was beyond my expectations. I'm excited to use this to be a better employee, husband and father."

Strengths Savvy workshop.jpg

"Thank you for such a fantastic session. We found it so valuable and it's great to hear the team applying their takeaways from it regularly."

Strengths Savvy workshop.jpg

"I really liked it--best StrengthsFinder workshop I've attended!"

"You really knocked it out of the park! This helped us gel as a team and understand each other so much better. Thank you!"

Strengths Savvy workshop.jpg
testimonial photo.jpeg

"This workshop completely changed my work-life happiness!'

Travere group shot mixed shirts.JPG

"The team is so energized after the wonderful session today. Thank you so much!"


"The interactions and constant mixing of people made it interesting."

"This was the perfect way to create closeness across colleagues I didn't think was possible."

Strengths Savvy workshop.jpg
Strengths Savvy workshop.jpg

"Seeing the Strengths of my team members helped me to understand them and get to know them better."

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