Leanne Burnett - Gallup trained strengths coach and Principal at Strengths Savvy

Leanne is a Gallup-Trained Strengths Coach and Human Resources Consultant who is fascinated by the concept of strengths! Her specialties include:  Team-Building Seminars, One-on-One Career Coaching, Customized Interpersonal Strengths Sessions, Executive Coaching, Business Issue Coaching, Personal Life Coaching, Employee Engagement, Recruitment and Using Strengths for Conflict Resolution.


Leanne’s former positions include:  Human Resources Director for a pharmaceutical company in Charlotte that succeeded in getting a novel drug through the FDA and into the marketplace; Director of Human Resources for a financial services firm in Chicago; and she also worked as a Litigation Consultant for an Intellectual Property Consulting firm. More recently, Leanne has been coaching individuals including CEOs, business owners and high-level executives who are seeking C-Suite positions.  


Leanne is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame where she studied Accounting and Philosophy. In addition to her Gallup training, Leanne trained with Coaches Training Institute. Leanne leads the Living Your Strengths and Strengths Coaching Ministries at the largest Catholic parish in the country. She also volunteers as a Facilitator for her church’s Living Your Strengths "Exploration" seminars.


Leanne’s Top Five Talent Themes are

Maximizer, Strategic, Positivity, Ideation and WOO (Winning Others Over)


CONTACT LEANNE:             

               Email:                   lburnett@strengthssavvy.com

               Phone:                 704.241.4081