In 1998, a man named Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D. along with a team of scientists at the Gallup organization, created the online CliftonStrengths assessment. The team interviewed over two million people in its creation, and created a language of 34 categories of behavior patterns, or "talent themes." In so doing, they ignited a global conversation about what is RIGHT with people.  These talent themes are the building blocks of strengths, and they indicate the ways one “shows up” in the world. When taking the assessment online, the result is a list, in order, of talents. The goal of the assessment is to help people understand and recognize where their talents lie and to connect with their natural abilities. In business, it is used to help balance teams, and to help employees become more engaged, as they learn where they can best direct their talents.





Your naturally-occurring patterns of behavior are unique and different from anyone else’s, and the interplay among your talents is uniquely yours. Once you truly understand these patterns, it becomes easier to determine how to position yourself in your workplace, in your family, among your friendships and in the world. It helps you to understand yourself on a different level, how to improve your effectiveness and help you to determine how to make the greatest positive impact in the world.


Knowing the talents of those around you is instantly empowering. It helps you to understand why others think and behave differently from you and to understand that different isn’t wrong!  The process is life changing.


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