Supercharge Your Strengths - an interactive team-building seminar by Strengths Savvy
Here's what our participants are saying:

"Excellent! Amazing how spot on this is!"

"Very well executed! I wasn't bored once!"

"You ladies are fantastic and so engaging!"

"I really liked it, best StrengthsFinder session I've been in!"

"It was fun and informative."

“It was eye opening to understand the way I’m wired, and how it affects my everyday life.” 

"Totally phenomenal! I appreciate the opportunity to participate - very beneficial".

"Excellent presentation. Excellent energy".

"It was interactive and engaging."

"I really enjoyed the session and the passion/energy you brought to it".

"Fabulous! Wonderful presenters!"

"Fantastic session. I believe it's very important to understand our strengths and lean on each others' stronger attributes to meet our goals."

"You are both very engaging and obviously passionate about what you do. Your presentation was smooth and seamless". 

"Our department is so varied and it's important to realize others' strengths and why someone doesn't do things the same way you do."

"The combination of your personalities and presentation styles really fit well together. You are both wonderful speakers. Kept the group very engaged."

"I really enjoyed the group activities. It was fun to see the different sides of my colleagues."

"The interactions and constant mixing of people made it interesting."

"Seeing the strengths of my team members helps me to understand them and get to know them better."

"Understanding differences in co-workers leads to more tolerance and positive compromise."

"I understand my colleagues better and who to call on to borrow their strengths."

Strengths Savvy's Supercharge Your Strengths seminar draws out what is positive and strong about the people of your organization and helps them see how their talents are at work in their careers and lives. This seminar is customizable to suit the needs of your organization. Teams take the CliftonStrengths assessment prior to the seminar. Whether it is a half-day session onsite, or a full-day session at a retreat--the result is team members who are more cohesive, and who better understand their unique talents and appreciate the talents of their co-workers.




















































































Supercharge Your Strengths is lively, informative, interactive and empowering!  Participants are up and moving; having fun and engaging with the concepts. 


This seminar is centered on the CliftonStrengths assessment, developed by the Gallup organization—pioneers in employee engagement and personal development. According to Gallup research, people and organizations perform best when individuals focus on developing their strengths versus focusing on improving weaknesses. Call today to see how Supercharge Your Strengths can transform and maximize your organization’s abilities and effectiveness!


Additional individualized coaching is available prior to or as a follow up to the Supercharge seminar, if desired, for executives and team members.



Strengths Savvy seminar at a dental practice in Charlotte NC
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StrengthsFinder Domain Chart: Four Domains of Strength

What are the dominant domains for your team?