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Supercharge Your Strengths


Supercharge Your Strengths

Strengths Savvy's Supercharge Your Strengths workshop draws out what is positive and strong about the people in your organization and helps them see how their talents are at work in their careers and lives.


This workshop is customizable to suit the needs of your organization. Teams take the CliftonStrengths assessment prior to the workshop. Whether it is onsite, a offsite retreat, or virtual workshop--the result is team members who are more cohesive, engaged and interdependent, who better understand their Strengths, and who appreciate the Strengths of their coworkers.

“After just a few hours of Strengths Savvy I have a clearer direction in life, and a better understanding of myself and the people around me.” 

Supercharge Your Strengths is lively, informative, interactive, and empowering!  Participants are up and moving; having fun and engaging with the concepts. 

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Four Dominant Domains

What are the dominant domains for your team?

Aren't you dying to know?

The 34 Strengths are categorized into four Domains: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building and

Strategic Thinking. 

Knowing this about your team can provide critical insights for team partnerships and achieving team and individual success. Use this awareness to pull the best from your team's talents, define your team's "vibe," and brand your team for the impact it delivers! 

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"We still quote from this seminar on a regular basis...we'll be bringing them back!"

Additional individualized coaching is often requested as an enhancement either prior to, or as a follow-up to, the Supercharge Your Strengths workshop for executives and team members. 

Call for details!

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